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Upgrade to Engage Major Release 2 -2023
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To begin the upgrade to the Engage Major Release 2 - 2023, you must enter a ticket with the Service Team to receive the link to the new Solution.

Please choose the category of Engage: Upgrade Request for the ticket.

Note: The Power App includes an environment variable, 'cat_WorkingSolution', integrated into its PCF component. This variable currently has no functionality that has been implemented in the Engage managed solution. However, the Power CAT code components, a set of Power Apps Component Framework (PCF) controls, are available to augment Power Apps capabilities.


Upgrade Process

Safety first! Make sure you're operating in the correct environment by selecting the appropriate option from the dropdown list at the top right corner of your Power Apps home screen.

1. Retain the Salentica Engage App ID

To maximize the functionality of your Salentica Toast Notifications and Govt ID expiration notifications flow, you must enter the Engage AppID.

The Engage App ID is a unique identifier that distinguishes your application. In the context of Salentica Engage, this unique identifier is referred to as the SalenticaEngage AppID. Make sure to copy and retain this value, as it will serve as the ‘SalenticaEngage AppID’.


  • Proceed to Account & Sign In Power Apps

  • Navigate to the designated environment located in the environment section.

  • Go to the ‘Apps’ section on the left-hand panel, choose ‘Salentica Engage’ from the list, and then click on ‘Details’.

  • Within the ‘Details’ section, locate and copy the ‘App ID’.

2. Setting Up SalenticaEngage AppID and Installing Salentica Engage

Install New SalenticaEngage_Solution_1.3.4.3 as your first step to upgrade.

  • Solution Import: During the import process within the Power Apps Maker Portal, a prompt will appear requesting the value of a specific environment variable. This variable, referred to as the SalenticaEngage AppID, corresponds to the Engage App ID utilized in your current production.

  • Update the Environment Variable: Proceed to update the ‘Salentica Engage AppID’ variable with the Engage AppID from your production environment, ensuring its value aligns with your current AppId.

During the import, Update the accurate value of Salentica Engage AppID

  • Confirm the Import: Make sure the above options are selected.

  • Once you have completed the above steps, verify that the solution has been successfully imported.

3. Deletion of Pre-existing Flow Solutions

Pre-Existing Flow Solutions Should Always be Deleted Prior to Installation of new Flow Solutions.

⚠️ Customizations will be deleted, if any are present. Information regarding the flows to delete may vary by environment. Here are the ones to focus on:

  • SalenticaEngage_GovtID_ExpirationDateReminderFlow

  • SalenticaEngage_Email_Toast_Notification_Flows


1. Click Settings.

2. Click Advanced Settings.

3. On the new window/tab, click Settings > Solutions.

4.  Select the Solutions and click Delete. Delete the following Flow Solutions:

  • SalenticaEngage_GovtID_ExpirationDateReminderFlow

  • SalenticaEngage_Email_Toast_Notification_Flows

4. Installation of Refined Flow Solutions

Deploy the following flows as detailed below. Each flow has a corresponding status for enabling both plugin steps and flows.

These statuses may be changed to meet client needs in their environment.

Install new Flow Solutions files provided by the Support Team. 

1. Click Settings.

2. Click Advanced Settings.

3. On the new window/tab, click Settings > Solutions.

4. Click Import.

5. Select the file for the new Workflow Manager Solution and click Next.

6. Click Next

7. Leave Maintain customizations and Enable any SDK message processing steps included in the solution enabled.

8. Click Import

9. Repeat steps 1-8 for each of the Flow Solutions.

5. Verification of On/Off State and Connection References of Flows

After installations, make sure to verify the on/off state and connection references of all flows. Both the Government ID Expiry Alert and the Task Updates and Email Notifications are shipped in a default state set to "off", allowing you the flexibility to turn them on at your convenience.

Verify On/Off Status

1. Log in to

2. Select the Environment you want to verify.

3. Select Flows

4. Click on the Flow name you wish to verify and view the Status. If turned on it will show a Status of On. 

Turn On Flow and Update Connection Reference

1. If turned off, click the pencil icon next to the name of the Flow to Edit.

2. Click Continue under the Connection Reference.

3. Click Save.

4. Click the back arrow and your Flow is turned on. 

6. Save and Publish Your Changes

After you've carefully adjusted all the necessary settings, don't forget to save your changes. Once saved, select 'Publish' to apply these changes to your environment.

And there you have it! You've successfully performed an upgrade of the Salentica Engage Solution, deploying the New_SalenticaEngage_Solution_1.3.4.3 and the required flow solutions.

Please note that the following features are shipped with their default state set to “turned off” allowing you the flexibility to “turn them on” at your convenience.

  • SalenticaEngage_GovtID_ExpirationDateReminderFlow

  • SalenticaEngage_Email_Toast_Notification_Flows

Please verify status after import to confirm. All the latest flow solutions are pre-configured with the necessary connection references, ensuring seamless integration and saving you the time and effort of setting them up manually.

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Salentica can be customized by your System Administrator, so your views & access may differ from this documentation. Please contact your System Administrator with specific questions.

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