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Data Broker Release Notes for Engage September 2023
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The SS&C Salentica team is pleased to announce the latest release of Salentica Data Broker. The release includes the update of the Black Diamond Relationship Name field, Move Money option now available as a Consolidated Button, and continued Infrastructure Improvements. See more details below on the latest updates.


New Features

Black Diamond

Option to use Relationship Display Name instead of Relationship Name

  • Relationship Name will be the default option but firms may now choose to use either a Relationship Name or Relationship Display Name
  • If Display Name is the default option, but a record's value is blank, the Relationship Name will be used for that record
  • Please reach out to our Support Team to enable the setting to show Display Name rather than the Relationship Name for Relationships in Engage


Move Money is now available as a Consolidated Button

  • Previously, Move Money was only available in its own component. It is now available as a Consolidated Button.

Infrastructure Improvements

  • Continued infrastructure improvements to increase functionality and user experience


General/Multiple Integrations

  • Resolved an issue where certain Real Time Controls did not prompt to login upon the first attempt


  • Resolved an issue where custom fields did not populate

Black Diamond

  • Resolved an issue where manual jobs did not trigger
  • Resolved an issue with the Zip Code field on Financial Accounts
  • Resolved an issue where certain custom fields would not load if other custom fields were invalid
  • Easier diagnosis of custom fields with invalid characters with new, improved error logging


  • Laser App - Anywhere integration restored


  • Resolved an issue with the Consolidated Button not redirecting to Modestspark login


  • Resolved an issue with the initial enrollment for new users related to Schwab's terms & conditions
  • Resolved an issue with Schwab Alerts

  • Resolved an issue with Account Profiles and Account Balances not displaying properly

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