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Salentica Engage Major Release 1 - 2023
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Check out the new features that are available in Salentica Engage! Our Product Team has worked hard to bring these great new tools, groundbreaking features, and optimizations to Engage. This release marks a milestone in our commitment to offering a user-friendly, efficient, and comprehensive solution that evolves with your firm's changing needs. The upgrades span across Workflow Management, Automation Flows, and Entities, and aim to simplify processes, advance data management, and amplify functionality.

Wealth Management Enhancements

Asset Management Enhancements

Wealth Management Enhancements

New! Linked To Lookup Field

We've taken the versatility of Workflow Manager to a new level, by enabling a multi-entity lookup field, called Linked To. Now, you have the option to relate the Workflow to additional entities, significantly increasing usefulness and productivity. A multi-entity lookup field allows you to look up values across entities rather than a single entity (previously only Relationship was available). The Linked To field will show Workflow Launcher and Workflow forms.

Additional entities that can be related to the Workflow Launcher and Workflow through the Linked To lookup field are:

  • Opportunities
  • Contacts
  • Financial Accounts
  • Portfolios
  • Companies

You can type directly in the Linked To box for a quick search through all entities available on the field. In this example, we are searching for a Contact to relate to the Workflow.

 You can also click the magnifying glass and select the Advanced lookup option to choose the specific entity you want which will narrow your search results. In this example, we selected the Portfolios object and then searched by name.

While you now have the opportunity to search among different entities, only one selection is allowed for the Linked To field.

Description Transfer from Workflow Launcher to Workflow

We've streamlined the transfer of the Description field from the Workflow Launcher to the Workflow. Any Description data entered at the Workflow Launcher stage is automatically carried over to the Workflow. This enhances data continuity, reduces repetitive data entry, and offers users a more intuitive experience within Workflow Manager.

Checklist Tasks Percentage Completion

To aid in effective task management within Workflows, we've introduced a view that displays the percentage completion of checklist tasks. This gives users a visual snapshot of their progress within the checklist, simplifying task management, and promoting efficiency. Open the Task details to use the checklist functionality and see the percentage complete.

Deactivated Workflows Task Closure

We've introduced a new Power Automate Flow to automate the closure of any open, assigned tasks when a workflow is deactivated. This innovative feature ensures tasks are clearly marked and organized, reducing confusion, and improving task management efficiency. If the Workflow is Deactivated, any open tasks associated will automatically be canceled and approval steps will be rejected. Any steps on the Workflow will remain in their current status and will not be kicked off. This helps clear any unnecessary tasks from your open task list.

Optional: Task Notifications by Email

To ensure tasks are always front and center, we've designed an email notification for every task created using Power Automate Flows. This keeps users instantly informed about their tasks and helps maintain focus and productivity. This new flow includes Workflow Manager Tasks and Activity-related Tasks. The email will include a hyperlink that will take you directly to the Task in Engage. The email will come from whichever Outlook registered user account authenticates the Power Automate Flow. 

Email Rich Text Editor

In our quest to continually enhance communication capabilities within Engage, our Product Team has introduced a "Rich Text Editor Control" in the email description field. This feature opens an array of formatting options such as bold, italic, underline, strikethrough, text color, font type, size, and images, among others. The Rich Text Editor enables more expressive and organized communication including allowing for rich text content, such as that from a web browser or Word, to be copied and pasted directly into the email body. This advanced feature is available across all interfaces including Web, Phone, and Tablet, providing a seamless and enriched user experience. To access this feature, navigate to Activities > Email, then select Information in the dropdown menu. 

Refined Financial Account Forms

In the spirit of constant improvement, we've refined the default layout of the Financial Account forms for enhanced navigation. These updates increase intuitiveness and usability, creating a smoother user experience. Now you will see a separate form option for Holdings & Assets details rather than under tabs on the main form. The Holdings & Assets form will be the default form view. The Information form will hold General, Custodial Information, and Activities. 

Switching between the forms is simple and easy. Click the dropdown arrow next to Holdings & Assets to select the Information form. 

Optional: Government ID Expiration Email Alerts

We've streamlined the tracking of government ID expiration dates on the Contact form with a Power Automate Flow. This system sends an automated email reminder to the Contact's Relationship Manager 30 days before the ID's expiration, helping firms maintain up-to-date records without missing a beat. The email will come from whichever Outlook registered user account authenticates the Power Automate Flow. 

Revamped Legal Entities Agent Type Table

To increase usability and ease of maintenance, we have upgraded the Agent Type field from a picklist to a table. This enhancement will provide a streamlined and intuitive interface and optimize maintenance tasks. A pick list is a predefined list of options, while a lookup table record is a separate entity that provides information storage with each entity.  

As a firm administrator, you have access to edit and create your Agent Types under Record Type Manager in Engage Settings.

Asset Management Enhancements

Investor Account External ID & PMS Account Number

To offer a more comprehensive view of Asset Management Investment accounts, we've introduced the External ID and PMS Account Number fields to the Administrative tab on the Investor Account form. These additional fields allow for more detailed data integration, improving data accuracy, and ensuring you have all the necessary information at your fingertips. These fields will flow in via Data Broker daily. 

Optional: Investor Account Contribution/Withdrawal Sum

We've rolled out a Power Automate Flow that calculates the daily sum of contributions and withdrawals input on the Investor Account. This feature offers real-time insights into financial activity, providing valuable information that supports your strategic decision-making. This includes sum totals for contributions/withdrawals for YTD, Rolling 12 Months, and Inception to Date timeframes. Note: All Contributions and Withdrawals should be entered as an absolute value when being uploaded or added to the CRM.

Individual Contributions and Withdrawals can be entered on the Reference Panel on the Investor Account, or through the Related tab. 

Opportunities Pipeline Phases

We're delighted to announce the integration of the Pipeline Phases into the Asset Management Opportunities entity. The Pipeline Phases are pivotal in guiding users through the different stages of the business processes for Opportunities. The Pipeline Phases include Qualify, Discovery, Propose, and Close and the Opportunity will move through phases in the same way as the process in the Wealth Management app. Pipeline Phases inclusion in the Asset Management Opportunities entity aims to streamline business processes across both applications ensuring continuity, coherence, and ease of use.

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