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Data Broker Release Notes for Engage May 2023
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Schwab and Black Diamond Multiple Persistent Data Feeds--Beta

Data Broker can now accept multiple persistent data integrations on a single object or record in Engage. For firms with both Black Diamond and Schwab as their custodian, they will now be able to enable both persistent data feeds and have data from both sources comingled on the same record. Previously, this would cause duplicate account records but it will no longer create duplicates.


Receiving Schwab Financial Account data is beneficial for several exciting reasons. You can now receive custodian-specific data points such as Cash Standing Instructions, Client Check Writing, Account Registration Type, and Margin Value. These data points are not available on the Financial Account from Black Diamond, which focuses more on market value and position data. You can receive Schwab account alerts up to every 2 hours. And the data we receive directly from Schwab could be more recent than the data we receive from Black Diamond due to reconciliation times. Please Note: Data for the Portfolio and Relationship will continue to feed from Black Diamond, and due to the delay in data receipt times, may differ from the account records. For more information on the data points available from Schwab and to turn this feature on for your firm, please contact our Support Team.


Black Diamond Relationship Upload Button

After client feedback on our previous Upload functionality, the Black Diamond Upload Household button will now update fields that were updated in Engage, and keep unaffected data points such as custom fields, portfolio, and financial account associations unchanged. 


Addepar Billing Data Updates

We have now created a feature that allows firms to turn off the legacy Billing feature which has prevented data from loading into Engage. We are planning to support Billing V2 data import in our Q4 release. If you have had issues with your Addepar data, please reach out to our Support Team for assistance.  


Orion Landing Page Update

The page users were previously directed to within Orion from Engage was deprecated by Orion. With this release, the Go To Orion button will now direct users to the new version of the Overview page at Orion.


Check Your Data Broker Version

No solution update is needed if your solution is within 2 versions of the latest version 3.17.xx. You will need version 3.15.xx or later to receive these updates. To check your Skyline/Data Broker Solution version, follow these steps:

1. Click the gear icon and click Advanced Settings

2. Click the drop down arrow next to Settings. Click Solutions

3. Look for the solution "SalenticaSkyline" and check the version column. It should be at least version or later to receive these updates.

4. Contact our Support Team for any further assistance. 

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