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Investment Pipeline - Leads on Deals
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Leads are potential new or existing contacts or Companies that have an investment opportunity associated with them. In other words, a lead is a potential seller who must be qualified or disqualified as an investment opportunity. The Lead object in Engage allows you to store the needed information about a potential seller or owner. From there, when a lead is qualified, it can be converted to an Investment Opportunity, and then into an Investment record.


Where can I see Leads? 

To access Leads go to Menu > Investment Pipeline > Leads. You will see a list of Lead - Investment Pipeline, which is filtered to show Deals related records, or other views that you or your firm create. Each view is searchable, sortable, and filterable. To view specific details of a company, click the Name.


What's in Leads?


Action Menu Includes

  • Qualify
  • Disqualify


Lead Menu

  • Summary
  • Details
  • Administrative
  • Related



  • Topic
  • Investment Pipeline Type
  • Priority
  • Company
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Job Title
  • Mobile Phone
  • Business Phone
  • Home Phone
  • Email
  • Lead Warmth


Lead Information


  • Lead Source
  • Initial Net Worth Est.
  • Initial Projected Investment
  • Lead Owner
  • Administrative Owner



  • Description of the Lead


Last Contacted

  • Last Contact Type 🔑
  • Last Contacted By 🔑
  • Last contacted Date 🔑


Activities Plus

  • Underlying Activities




Contact Method

  • Preferred
  • Email
  • Follow Email
  • Bulk Email
  • Phone
  • Mail

Marketing Information

  • Source Campaign
  • Marketing Materials
  • Last Campaign Date  🔑



  • Created By 🔑
  • Created on 🔑
  • Modified By 🔑
  • Modified On 🔑
  • Owner
  • Lead Type




Find more on creating a lead and qualifying a Lead here. Learn about the Lifecycle of a Prospect here

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