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Add New Advisor Teams to Engage
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Congratulations on building your business! While exciting, we understand it can come with some additional work. Generally, when you add a new Advisor Team to your firm, to get them active on Engage, there are two main activities that need to be accomplished: Create the new Users & Load Data - Relationships & Contacts. Additionally, if you're interested in loading historical activities, there's more information below.

User Management

1. Have an Admin check to see if you need additional licenses. If you need additional licenses, request them through our service team. If no new licenses are needed, set up the new users (Step 2).

2. Set up New Users - Follow the steps in this article to create your new users.

3. Assign (or create)  Business Units and Security Roles for the new users. 

Data Load - Relationships

Black Diamond Clients: This is easy! As your new teammates make Relationships in Black Diamond, we will receive those Relationships in Engage, so you don't have to do any record creation. There might be additional data points that you want to load onto the Relationships, but we recommend that you wait to do that until after the majority of the Relationship records have been created through the integration.


Non-Black Diamond Clients:  You will need to load your Relationship information into Engage to create the records. Here is an article to get you started using the import templates. 

Data Load - Contacts

All clients: You will need to load your Contact information into Engage to create the records. Since this information is traditionally stored in a CRM (not your Portfolio Management System), we don't receive this information through an integration. When you upload your contact records, you will want to associate them with existing Relationships (see above). 

Data Load - Historical Activities

All Clients: To load historical activities to your records, this will require a case to be submitted to "Engage - Implementation." From there, a conversation will be had about the need, expectations, and timeframes. 

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