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Engage 2021 Release Webinar Replay
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Did you miss our live webinar in February? Feel free to watch it here, as many times as you want!


Questions & Answers from the webinar:

Q: How do you complete a Workflow once the entire process/steps are finished?

A: The Workflow itself does not need to be completed, it will be tagged as such when all the underlying Tasks are completed.

Q: What is the difference between a request; which start a workflow and workflow manager?

A: Requests are the previous iteration of Workflows, and they stand separately from Workflows. The Service Team can work with you to determine if the Requests should be updated to Workflows, or if they should continue to stand alone.

Q: Is there any plan to update Activities Plus to show tasks and activities on a Relationship that were generated from a Workflow?

A: It is not currently in our plans to make this update in the short term, but we can see how this would be a great future enhancement.

Q: How do I get the Workflow Manager tab to the left? I don't see  it displayed...You say all the new features are available now...when will we be able to see them?

A: Please enter a Service Ticket to take advantage of the Release!

Q: When do we use client-former instead of "inactivate?"
A: Generally, you would use Client-Former when you still need to access the records, where Inactivate will "hide" the record completely from the CRM. You would have to actively search for inactive records.

Q: Will that override any specific work previously worked on?

A: No. With the help of the Service Team to deploy the Release, we will make sure that your previous customizations aren't affected negatively.

Q: If we have a custom listing of Relationship Types, will "Former Client" be automatically added to take advantage of the new feature? 
A: Since this is custom, it cannot be adjusted automatically with our release, but the service team can help you to see if this is an automation that can be added for your firm.

Q: Can a new entity be created by submitting a ticket? Ii would like to be able to store info about billing and report settings.
A: Customizations can be done with the help of the service team, via the ticketing system!

Q: Is there any automation on the Tax Return entity to help create records for the same client year after year-- like bringing some of the previous year's data forward so users don't have to enter it from scratch?

A: It is not currently in our plans to make this update in the short term, but we can see how this would be a great future enhancement. 

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