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Last Contacted On and Activity Plus FAQ
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Activities Plus within Engage allows you to track a variety of interactions with your clients. With the addition of InTouch Service Levels, you can easily determine when you last interacted with your clients and when your next interaction will be due. The Last Contacted On Date is determined by the activities logged to Activities Plus and the Activity Settings. For example, you can determine which Activity entities should count toward a Conversation, Email, or Review date. The Last Contacted On Date is then used along with the InTouch Service Levels to calculate your upcoming review, conversation, and email due dates. 

Last Contacted Options for Custom Activity Entities

Last Contacted On options are now supported for Custom Activity Entities. 

Email, Conversation, and Review Dates

The Activity Settings entity now has the option to update three fields for the Last Contacted On (LCO) date. Previously, there was only one field that would update. You can now select whether an activity should update the following fields:

  • Last Conversation
  • Last Review
  • Last Email

In this example, the Activity entity of "Email", once updated, would update the LCO dates for both Last Review and Last Email since they are marked with Yes. 


To get to these settings, go to Advanced Settings > Activity Settings.

Click on the Entity Name you want to edit. Click Edit.


Select Yes or No on each Last Contacted Category that the activity should update the Last Contacted On Date. Click Save.


Date Overwrite


The Last Contacted On Date now looks at activities for the date and compares to the current LCO. If the LCO is a more recent date, then it is not updated. An example would be if an older activity is entered, the LCO will still show the most recent contact date rather than the last date entered.

Date and User Selection


Two new options have been added to the activity entity settings, LCO User and LCO Date. Previously, the person who initiated the activity would be listed as the LCO user. Now you can choose from the following options:

  • Create By
  • Created by (Delegate)
  • Modified By
  • Modified By (Delegate)
  • Owning User


The LCO Date now includes more options to update the LCO date. Any date field available on the selected entity can be used to update the LCO. 

To get to these settings, go to Advanced Settings > Activity Settings.

Click on the Entity Name you want to edit. Click Edit.

 Under the Last Contacted On section, select the preferred LCO User and LCO Date for the system to record when the activity is saved. Click Save



LCO Will Not Update Email Trigger for Internal Only Emails


LCO will not update the email trigger if the TO, CC, and BCC fields only contain the user's name. This prevents internal emails from updating the Email activity LCO.


Display Name Update


The settings screen received updates to show the "Display Name" for fields. For example, Relationship will show rather than Account as the field name.

Activities Plus Arrows Move Accordingly





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