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Import Example Workflows
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Here at Salentica, we want you to succeed with our new Workflows tool, and know it's hard to start from scratch. We have created nine files for you to import to your Org so that you have example Workflows available when you use the new tool. You can choose to build off these default Workflows, copy and edit, or delete if you're comfortable with using the new tool without our defaults. In this article, we have detailed what the default Workflows entail.


Here are the instructions on how to import the default Workflows.


1. In Advanced Settings, go to Data Management

2. Select Imports

3. Select Import Data on the ribbon

The following popup should appear


4. The following file will need to be dragged and submitted in the specified order:

  • 1. Checklist - Example.xlsx

  • 2. Workflow Types - Example.xlsx

  • 3. Workflow Subtype = Example.xlsx

  • 4. Workflow Data Types - Example.xlsx

  • 5. Task Types - Example.xlsx

  • 6. Workflow Templates - Example.xlsx

  • 7. Workflow Template Step - Example.xlsx

  • 8. Workflow Template Step - Rejection Steps - Example.xlsx

  • 9. Workflow Template Data - Example.xlsx

5. After the first file is added, click Next

6. Click Submit

7. Refresh your Import List, and ensure the Status Reason is Complete.

8. Follow steps 3-6 for each file before moving on to the next one.

9. Once all files have been imported, the import log should look like the below. If there are partial failures or error, the process should be repeated.

Learn more about our default workflows HERE!

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