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Salentica Data Broker - Envestnet's MoneyGuidePro
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MoneyGuidePro (MGP) is a goals-based financial planning application. It allows client users to input data such as retirement age and life expectancy to forecast the probability of attaining financial goals. The tool gives investors and advisors the ability to adjust input data to see how it affects financial outcomes. In addition, MoneyGuidePro also provides analytics, reporting, balance sheets, and a client portal.

Integration: Engage to MoneyGuidePro

Data Broker takes information from Engage and pushes the data to MoneyGuidePro. The data is pushed to MoneyGuidePro according to the mapping set up on the Data Broker. For instructions on how to set up these mappings, please contact the Support team.


Below is a list of available fields, or data, that can be sent to MoneyGuidePro, if they exist in your CRM and if they had been mapped to MoneyGuidePro. 

Please keep in mind, all of these fields might not be included in your Engage CRM. Please check with your Admin or our service team if you have any questions about these data points. 

Single Sign-On for MoneyGuidePro

In addition to the integration, there is a Single Sign-On available for MoneyGuidePro. This authentication is handled at the user level based on Engage and MoneyGuidePro licensing. 

There are two Consolidated button options, Go to MoneyGuidePro and Upload to MoneyGuidePro:

The ‘Upload to MoneyGuidePro’ option will cause MoneyGuidePro to accept our HouseholdID and authentication, and will then call back to our APIs and get all the data about that household.

  • If the household is new, you will see a screen asking to link this household to an existing plan in MGP, or creating a new one.

  • If the household exists, it will update the plan data and land the user on the dashboard page for that client.

The ‘Go to MoneyGuidePro’ option is a contextual Single Sign-On and so MoneyGuidePro is expecting a known/valid HouseholdID to be passed in so that it can land, contextually, on the right household.

  • If the household is known to MoneyGuidePro, the user is redirected to the dashboard for the household, and no new data is passed in and the plan is not updated.  This option was added so that advisors could work on a financial plan for a customer without the variable data constantly changing.

  • If the HouseholdID being passed does not already exist in MoneyGuidePro, it errors (that’s their error page, not ours) because it can’t contextually land on that household’s page.

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Salentica can be customized by your System Administrator, so your views & access may differ from this documentation. Please contact your System Administrator with specific questions.

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